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  "Communion within ones own sacred heart is  

what each is fundamentally seeking."


Matthew grew up in a small mountain town in Northern California. At the age of 20 years old, a powerful experience with yoga and meditation ignited a clarity and drive within him, which would propel him out of lifelong depression, and substance abuse, and passionately onto a spiritual path. His first trip to India impacted him profoundly, and he continued to return annually for 15 years to live with, learn from, and serve alongside monks, yogis, and spiritual teachers. Through the practice of Mantra yoga, inspiration for his musical expression was born. For many years his music was solely his personal practice of devotion, and he has only recently started to share this aspect of his life. His songs are diverse in genre, and heartfelt in their unique expression of prayer and intention. They are woven thru mantra, and poetic insight; intended to inspire uplifting revelation, and communion with the Universal.

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Sacred mentorship naturally emerged into my journey, stemming from my many years of devout passion for truth, and freedom. In my seeking and travels, I forged deep connections with Teachers who have guided and nurtured me, which I consider to be a priceless blessing. Since 2003, I have immersed myself in the teachings and processes of many revered modern masters such as Sri Amma Bhagavan, Mooji, Ammaji, Prem Baba, and many other monks and luminaries in elevated states of consciousness. The time spent in the presence of these beings has bestowed upon me invaluable insights, and catalyzed profound transformations. Through my 15 years of involvement with an International school for Higher Consciousness, headquartered in India with a global footprint; I have borne witness to the profound transformation of thousands of individuals. Concurrently as a guide, and teacher I have shared my experiences and learnings worldwide; in countless retreats, classes, and personalized sessions, disseminating teachings, processes, and tools to support and uplift others. As a co-founder of the non-profit organization “Oneness Youth,” for several years I mentored young adults ages 16-28 across North America, fostering growth and empowerment. My mentorship style, whether it be for youth or adults, individuals or groups is characterized by its down-to-earth nature, heartfelt approach, and intuitive channeling of wisdom into personal experience. I encourage transparency, accountability and consistency, combined with a sincere openness to Grace. I meet people where they are, and gently remind them of the stable path forward rooted in Universal principles. My work embodies a commitment to bridging the gap between spiritual wisdom, and practical application to facilitate transformative evolution on all levels.


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“The vital journey of inner transformation is one that we are ALL called to attend at this paramount time. This inner journey, along with its exhilaration and wonder, can also at times feel tumultuous, confusing, and solitary as deep healing occurs, and the un-learning of past hurts/conditionings falls away. At these times, mentors and guides can be a crucial support.”

"The fundamental tools for our holistic well being is alarmingly neglected in our modern culture, and is what each of us must learn to apply and integrate."

“Our potential is dependent on how willing we are to unconditionally confront our own truth.”


Matthew has dedicated well over 20 years to the study, practice, and sharing of Yoga. Immersing himself deeply in the ancient tradition in India, as well as learning from esteemed Western teachers. By embracing, and applying the Universal principles within the yogic lifestyle, he has found a fertile path towards integrating, and clarifying the relationships between body, mind, and spirit. Matthew offers a unique perspective into the power and potential of this ancient path, which in its modern portrayal is often overlooked and seldom accessed. His experience within the many branches of yoga, and his incorporation of them into his own body and consciousness make him a valuable guide into the depths of this practice. His classes are guided by lighthearted humor, and clear intention. He prioritizes the fundamental principles that are applicable to anyone at any level, and skillfully blends various branches of Yoga to create a holistic experience of rooted expansion, while honoring the interplay between effort and surrender. His stance is that we must each surrender our destination in order to meet oneself, exactly where one already is. From this place of embodied and congruent inner Truth, growth, healing and evolution naturally unfolds through the Intelligence of Life. This is the process of Yoga (Unifying) and is ever the opportunity on and off the mat. Our potential from this place is then limitless with the correct application of the Yogic principles.


Certified at Swasthi Yoga Shala in Rishikesh, India, under the guidance of master teacher Surrinder Singh, numerous Yoga intensives with senior teachers/philosophers such as Noah Maze, Sianna Sherman, Kofi Busia, Douglas Brookes, and many others. Additionally, he holds a certifications as an Advanced Oneness Trainer, and has completed courses in Tai Yoga Massage and Tairopractic. His immersion in yogic studies includes residing in India annually for 15 years, where he engaged in intensive study/practice.


*Yogic path immersion: Coming soon! A 10-week immersive online course, applying and integrating the foundational yogic principles into daily life on all levels.


“I engage in the practice of Yoga because it offers a definitive pathway to experiencing alignment, connection, and bliss. My commitment to teaching stems from the understanding that a grounded embodiment of our spiritual essence is indispensable for fostering healthy, harmonious relationships with the world around us.”


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I have lived internationally for more than 2 decades, saturating in the wisdom traditions of various cultures, in highly charged sacred sites. Much of that time I lived, and served alongside monks, and global citizens of a spiritual school in South India for higher learning. I had a radical shift in perception at 20 years old after discovering the power of Yoga and meditation, Native American sweat lodge, and reading a series of esoteric books which gave me a context for what I’d felt since childhood. This propelled me onto a passionate spiritual quest for inner freedom. When not in India, Mexico or traveling, I am often serving as a carpenter/craftsman/builder, a trade which was originally passed onto me by my late father. Building and creating with my hands has been a very enriching aspect of my journey, and a wonderful practice of embodied presence. My steady dedication to the branches of yoga, healing, self awareness, and helping others, has reaped rich transformation, expanded sensitivity, and a strong bond with Universal consciousness. My newest project which I’m very excited about is something I have co-founded with my dearly gifted friend Taty Tamiraa which we are calling “The Risen heART Experience.” I ground my passion for the sacred through: nature, comedic perspective, laughter, music, surfing, and creative projects as a builder*, whereby I create spaces that are richly connected and deeply integral.


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“My vision is to continue to ever grow in and serve the awakening of the sacred heart. It is my great joy to share the gifts that have been given to me, and in turn support receptive individuals to move into healthy, fulfilled states of consciousness. A state where a sanctuary within oneself is fully accessible, and the overflow translates as happiness, inspired works, and heart-full relationships.” 

"The Universal is personal, and the personal Universal."


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